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3.20.2015 Feature: Almost Anything CEO Talks Fashion and MORE!!

Since doing LilMissStyle for the past couple of years, it has allowed me the opportunity to meet so many inspiring people. One of many has been, Tiara Parker. As a women in business myself, I admire other women who are out there taking risk and making they're own careers. I recently had the chance to connect with Tiara, and learn about her personal concierge service called, Almost Anything...And in true LMS style, we also chatted a bit about fashion.

  1. When did you start AA? And, how did you come up with the idea for a personal concierge service? I started Almost Anything Inc in 2007. I remember very clearly how I came up with the idea lol. I had just started a new job, new workout regimen, I was trying to stay focused and get things in order should I say. And one day I was coming home from a very long day at work and thought to myself “I’ll stop off at Ralphs and grab a salad on my way home” waited 2 hours in heavy LA traffic as usual; I get home and realized I forgot to stop at Ralphs! Super hungry, and didn’t want to have unhealthy food delivered; I thought to myself “I really wish I could call someone, tell them what I want on my salad  at Ralphs and they go and get it for me. I don’t even remember if I ate that night I was so upset and was NOT gong back out :-)
  2. What has been some of the challenges with managing a business like AA? Hmmm, I would have to say expanding has been a challenge. Although we are a growing boutique company, I always want to maintain the quality of our service. For me it has always been quality over quantity. I would love to expand even bigger but don’t want to become one of those company’s where customers feel like we don’t care about their requests or how important it is to them. Right now it is a very personalized experience. I would want to always keep that and grow too.    
  3. What has been the highlights of managing a business like AA? There are a few things; It is very gratifying to know our clients only want AA to handle their requests. It shows that they trust us and respect our opinions; Another highlight is having a great staff. Having a great staff is a reflection of me and it makes me feel good to manage a business that is a refection of me across the board. I love that my staff goes the extra mile to satisfy clients, providing consistent quality service, because this is what I do and how I have always envisioned the company and its reputation. 
  4. Have you ever received fashion-related requests? If so, what were these requests? Yes, all the time, the most recent requests were for this years Grammys and Oscars event. We have gone to several boutiques and shops to pick-up jewelry, shoes and dresses. We frequent Neiman Marcus and Melrose Ave quite a bit for regular day things as well :-)
  5. How do you maintain your personal style with your busy work schedule as a business owner?  And, what style tips would you give busy working individuals? I maintain my style by being creative with my wardrobe lol. I have a few different styles in my closet. As a business owner, I do cute blazers and jeans with eye catching shoes for meetings, as an actress I create my own thing depending on the role. I would say be the best you in your style; For me I love hot high heels, skinny jeans, simple clutch purse and a blazer, it says young, trendy and professional. 
  6. What advice would you give young entrepreneurs out there wanting to start their own business? Go For IT! You only have one life and nothing to loose. Really what is the worst that could happen? If you think back in your life, im sure there have been times where your back was against the wall and you had to just figure it out. That is what having your own business is like. I said those exact words to myself when I started my business, and then I just said F*ck it, I’ll figure it out and I did!
  7. Tell us how we can contact AA and learn more about the services you offer? You can contact us via our website, Facebook, Twitter, and download our FREE app at or call us directly at 424-279-8383. Some of our other services include housekeeping, event planning, and local delivery. We are a health conscious company and deliver for many Healthy Meal/Juice Cleanse startups looking to make a statement in quality to their customers. We can literally do almost anything :-) Here are our social media links below: Twitter: @almostanything1, Facebook: Almost Anything Inc, and Instagram: @almostanythinginc

Let me know below if you enjoy this interview and would like to see more features like these on LilMissStyle.

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  1. I've known Tiara for more than 10 years. She's got intelligence, an infectious smile, a strong work ethic, and is as dependable as you could want in a friend and colleague. As you can see, she is also very creative.


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