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1.04.2015 My job at Spylight!

Happy New Years Everyone!!

We're a few days into this year and im already excited for how 2015 is taking off. I set some goals for myself like I do every year, and a few weeks before the new years I was offered my first writing job with Spylight. If you love Fashion, TV, and Movie you should definitely check them out. They basically allow you to shop for the things you like on your favorite TV and Movies in one spot. 

So far, the chance to write about the things I love both within and outside of fashion has been a great experience. It has not only challenged my writing skills, but also forced my creativity to a level that I will use to bring you guys all better content. So I guess I should say "...look out for more in 2015!"   

Check out my articles here...    

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Tamara B.