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One of the highlights about cooler weather is layering and since I never been a fan of wearing heavy weight coats or sweaters, it's the perfect way for me to build my outfit while also staying warm. I received this flannel (which is actually a cardigan that I pined together as a shirt shh!) this past summer at the 2.0 picnic and thought it would be the perfect paring with my newest Cinderella of Boston stilettos...And for someone with children size feet like me, this store has been a haven for all my most wanted styles! 

 I tried styling this look 2 ways, so I would love to know which one you all prefer?

Jacket On:

Necklace details below

Jacket Off:

Jacket // Thrifted 
Tights // Target
Necklace // Seoul Little

1 comment

  1. Love the layering - so chic! Great pattern with the cardi. :)


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