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7.01.2014 LilMissStyle: Summer Hues

Summer has a officially arrived and i'm already enjoying my favorite season! 
Even with the sweltering temperatures it's actually a really great time for fashion. The colors are brighter, the silhouettes are simpler, and the fabrics are much looser. You may be wondering how does a scarf fit into this whole summer theme but I promise you this Topshop scarf is so lightweight it doesn't even feel like it's on. Also, the vibrant sun-like color makes it the perfect pairing with this earth tone blouse. I didn't know it till trying it on but I think I can officially say this is my favorite outfit I ever posted...Well at least so far ;)

What's your summer signature style? 

Pleated Blouse // Q Fashion (local boutique)
Tights // H&M 
Circle Scarf // Topshop
Accessories // c/o Guess Watch (watch) 
Shoes// Unknown 

(Image Credit: Kelsi Smith from Stylesmith)

LMS Tip 4 - Scarf It! - Whether the weather is cool or warm a scarf is always a good option when you feel you need to add a chic little touch to your outfit. The key to making it suitable for the specific season is all about choosing the correct color and fabric weight  Warmer months choose darker chunkier scarves, and for cooler months choose brighter lightweight scarves. Scarves also make a great accessory when traveling.


  1. Love all the colors together! and a lightweight scarf is definitely great for summer :)

  2. What a lovely pleated top! It looks so great with the bright yellow scarf! ;)

  3. Lovely pleated top! The scarf is also gorgeous. I like scarves very much, and use light ones in summer.

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman
    So easy Spanish!

  4. This is such a great outfit! The colors suit you really really well.

  5. Love this top. It's a great color on you! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  6. the pleated blouse is so pretty!:) beautiful look!

  7. hey hun

    such a fab outfit! you look stunning!

    love your style!

    would you like to stay in touch?

    please find me on HTTP://WWW.FASHIONRAILWAYS.COM

    Greetings from Greece


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