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3.05.2014 LilMissStyle: My Hat Story!

So every time I step into a store lately I find myself buying more and more hats. From snapbacks to wide brims, my room is slowly becoming a storage place for this growing collection. Although I have to admit I often to use hats as a recovery from an awful hair day, I also find they actually add a nice little "I totally did this on purpose" vibe to a mostly unplanned #ootd. But like most accessories, when it comes to hats it's all about how you style it...I checked out my favorite pinterest board and gathered some of my favorite outfits as inspo. Hope this will help make a nice little guide next time you need that perfect hat-spirartion!

Also, make sure to check out my video post below where I shared a bit of my collection and share some styling tips.       

(images via Pinterest)


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1 comment

  1. Lovely post, hats just complete any outfit.

    Adaora x


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