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3.10.2014 Fab Dresses with Dress Dressy

So as the temperature begins to raise and the sun takes longer to set, it means only one thing, Spring is around the corner. Aside from being my birth season ;) one reason why Spring is my favorite time of year is because it means a plethora of opportunities to put on pretty dress and a great pair of heels. If you're looking for dresses there's a site called Dress Dressy which specializes in dresses for every occasion. They have a section on their site with dresses which are all priced under $100. I broke down a few of few my favorites. Make sure to check out the pics for more buying info.

...And if you are a UK based bride looking for the perfect gown make sure to check out their other site for a wide selection of UK Wedding Dresses.


*Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by UK Wedding Dresses/Milly Bridal

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