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6.11.2013 LilMiss Styl'd: Oh Boy!

Top // Rojas 
Camo Pants and Blazer // Thrifted
Shoes // Payless (old)
Accessories // c/o +Beryll  (black leather bracelet) and Thrifted (necklace) 

Ok so here it goes, my very FIRST outfit post!!
 I thought it only made sense to make this very first post a true representation of my personal style, and by doing so I decided to put on my two new favorite thrifted items and my number one favorite Rojas top. When it's hot (and even when it's not) I tend to wear this top everyday. It's flowy, fits well, and   has an interesting tribal graphic that makes it's unique...And I can't forget about the red shoes. With my small stature, "stylish" shoes tend to be one of the hardest items to find. So when I find a good pair I always hold on to them and try to get the most use out of them. I literally purchased these over five years ago while browsing the children section (yes, children) of Payless (and yes, Payless). 
As for my future outfit posts plan to see them a lot more frequently. I also thought that aside from just giving you the deets about my look, I wanted to leave you with style tips inspire by each look, so make sure to scroll to the end for LMS Tip 1 :-)

Thanks for reading my long winded post, I promise i'll have less to say next time lol.        

Photos taken by: Paolo Banaag

LMS Tip 1: No matter what size (or even gender) you are, don't be afraid to step outside your normal shopping section when shopping or thrifting. Sometimes the best outfits can be waiting for you ladies in the men's section. It's all about how you style it! Both my blazer and pants are from the little boy section... 



  1. Yay! So happy to see you do an outfit post. I love how bright the shoes are--they really stand out against the neutrals in the rest of your outfit. Great tip btw--I actually have a sweater I got from the kid's section of target lol. Sometimes they have cuter things!

  2. Hooray for your first outfit post! Love the bright red shoes with the camo pants - really makes them pop. :)and agreed - I too shop in other sections...sometimes I find cute hair bows in the baby section, cute t-shirts in the boys section, ties in the mens section...oh, possibilities...but, back to you! - Congrats on your style post and I look forward to seeing more. :)


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