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5.06.2013 Style Spot: Interview with Alejandra G

Shoes from Alejandra G

No matter what style or size you prefer, no girl can resist a good shoe. Aside from being the perfect touch to complete a look, a shoe can also say a lot about the type of girl who wears it. Chances are if you're the girl wearing one of Alejandra G's striped soles, you're saying a mouthful. Last week I had the opportunity to connect with shoe designer about her career, inspirations, and following dreams...

The Tyrese Jawbreaker

So, how did you get into designing shoes?
I always had a passion for fashion especially accessories. Shoes
and handbags were my obsession. I was working as a TV producer at the time when I had a vivid dream one night that changed my

life around. It was a dream about shoes and I just knew it was 
some kind of calling from God. Everyone was so shocked when I 
said I was going to be a shoe designer. They were are like "Where did this come from" loll

How was your experience studying Shoe Design in Milan?
It was incredible. I was taught by some of the most skilled artisans. I learned everything about shoes. I can literally make a shoe from scratch because I learned the whole process. It is very important to not just have ideas/creativity, but to know the technical aspect of 
your craft as well. I pride myself in knowing so much about shoes and fashion.

The Yesi 2

I know before becoming a talented Shoe Designer, you were a 
Television Producer. How would you say your experience in your past career has helped prepare you for your current one?
Well most of my jobs before were all in a creative field. I have 
always been creative, but not one job compares to shoe designing. It's such a rush, such an amazing feeling! I don't think any job prepared me, but I do believe some of my other jobs kept my creativity on point. 

What would you say to anyone that is considering changing their career in order to follow their dream?
There are so many different things to consider. Are you financially stable? Do you have the outlets to making that dream happen? I 
mean, I put everything into place before I left my job. I would tell 
anyone if you really want something then go after it. 
I found a way, so I know anyone can. 

How did you come up with your signature black & white striped sole?
It just came to me so I went with it. People tried to talk me out of 
it, but I stuck with my gut. I don't use the sole on every shoe, only 
on the shoes it looks really great on. I like playing with different 
soles so I don't want to be stuck to one, but it is my trademark and 
you can always identify my shoes by it. Its a smart way of 
branding as well.

I know your shoes have been worn by some fabulous fashionista’s and celebs, is there a celeb that have not yet worn your designs 
that you would love to see wear Alejandra G?
No not really. I mean I really just want to see every girl who loves shoes be able to own a pair of my shoes. I admire a ton of 
celebrities so I would just say all of them. Lol.

What would you say is the best and challenging part of being a 
Shoe Designer?
The best would be seeing people in your shoes. That is a feeling that can't be replaced.
The challenging part.. Lol. I would have to write a book, there is 
so much. This is a very difficult and competitive career. It takes a very strong person to do this. Its a lot of stress, but its all worth it 

to me at the end of the day. My love for shoes and the woman who love my shoes keeps me going.

The Setorri in Black

Where do you see your brand in the next 10 years?
I see my brand as a fashion empire. womans shoes, mens shoes,
kids shoes, wedding shoes, handbags, perfume, clothing, jewelry,
sunglasses...I mean everything. I will be a fashion house. I have
faith and determination.

When does your handbag line launch and what can we expect to 
My handbag line is in the works and I am very excited about it. I 
am thinking of S/S '15 will be my first release. I may even release
something in F/W '14.

Tell us a bit about your current collection?
All of my collections are different. It depends what mood I am in 
and what my inspirations are at the moment. I don't want to be a 
designer that you get bored of and know what to expect. I like to 
throw curve balls and surprise people. I have some really great 
stuff cooking for S/S '14 *winks*

***To purchase and view more from the Alejandra G collection, visit:

More interviews coming!!

Image Credits: Google Images



  1. I've never heard of her enthusiasm and the Yesi 2 shoe, it's so good!!

    xo Carlina

  2. Cool interview !

    I always like to read interviews from new designers :)

    I will check her out for sure so thanks for sharing this love ;)

    Kisses !

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