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1.31.2013 The LilMissStyle Report - Spring/Summer Trends '13

My Pinterest @LilMissStyle

Pinterest and my Spring/Summer wardrobe have pretty much been the latest obsessions running through my brain (or my browser for that matter). Strange mixture...Yea I know, but I thought I might as well join the two worlds and make a blog post dedicated to the two. I pulled some of my favorite pics from my Pinterest boards and made a small trend list of items I can't wait to play with (please excuse the corny titles...I just couldn't resist)! 

Zebra Zealous - Black and White
To be honest, I never thought these two neutrals ever went out of style but i'm so glad they teamed up in tights and 
There something I find so chic about a girl who wears a all black white pallet.

Word Games - Graphic Tees/Sweaters 
Remember that "Princess 01" shirt that was everything in middle school?...Well consider this the cooler remix. 
Designers have taken graphic and logo shirts to whole new level with catchy phrases that are perfect for pairing with your favorite blazer or sequin skirt (or both). Oh yea, and sparkly statement jewelry are a making this look super fancy!


Animal Style -#Enuffsaid
This is another trend that never does are will go away. It's pretty easy to wear, but if styled wrong, it can be easy to look like you stepped out of a Jersey Shore episode, lol! So one of the keys is be settle by adding a dash of the lovely print to your favorite solid color ensemble. I also love matching it with softer colors like baby blues, yellows, and grays. 

Sheerly Beautiful - Sheer Fabrics 
Sheers are some of the most romantic looks a girl can wear. From blouses to maxi's, there so easy to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe. Styling it can be as simple as pairing it with slim denim pants or rockstar leather.

Wizardly Green - Emerald Green
Named as Pantone's official color of the year, Emerald is easy way to updates your favorite outfits. I love how it looks when paired purples and nudes. When looking for the correct shade just think, Emerald City (Wizard of Oz)!

Hope you enjoyed my little trend report. Follow me on Pinterest @LilMissStyle for more...
What's some of your favorite trends for Spring Summer?


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  1. lovely inspiration. if you get a sec, pass by my blog & let me know what you think about my new post.
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    @themilanomode on instagram

  2. Love love loveee this trend rundown Tamara!

    Stiletto Beats

  3. Great post, loved it!


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