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5.08.2012 Latina Lifestyle Blogger's Junket

 Two of the many lovely #LLBlogger's I met. Sophia (left) and Veronica (right).

This time last week could best be described as one of the most greatest highlights since blogging. I had the opportunity to attend not just one, but two amazing bloggers conferences here in LA. The first one was hosted by the Latina Lifestyle Blogger's, and included two days full of information ranging from Social Media 101 to the Law of Fashion Blogging. Aside from leaving the event with some much needed blogging inspiration, I also made some new friends, ate some of the best food, and left with a lot more insight on tequila (lol well, that's another story). 

I really want to thank Ari from La Catrina Blog for inviting me, and Ana Lydia for heading such an amazing blogger's junket! Can't wait till next year ;)

Panelist, Jasmine Powers and LLBlogger's founder Ana Lydia

Carlina from Allergic to Vanilla

Sweet treats from Julie Dee's Sweets

Ari and Liuba from Surviving Wedding Season live tweeting

TV Host and Actress, Yarel Ramos discussing "Following your Dreams". 
It was so cool finding out that Yarel and I actually graduated from the same high school, a year apart from each other.


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  1. I love this post!! And thanks for shouting out to my blog- and all the sneaky pics...haha!! Hope your well, and not missing the conferences too much!

    p.s I just did my llblog post too!

    x carlina

  2. Hi Chica!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and it was a pleasure meeting you as well at the conference! Great pics! xx -Taj

  3. Im getting flash backs from the treats! What a fun time we had. It was great getting to know you. Can't wait till next time!


  4. I really liked your photos. They are very lively.

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