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3.05.2012 LA Happenings: What's NEW at ELLE??

 The LA Fashion Week events are rolling in, and that means lots of picture snapping, and even more blog posts are about to take place. First on the list is the "New at Elle" event which showcased some of the newest items that Elle Communication clients have lined up for Spring. 

Once hitting the parking lot I was immediately taken back by their office buildings historic 1920's architecture, loft styled staircases, and city-wide views.Then after reaching their suite number I was greeted by a sweet member of the Elle staff and begin touring the wall to wall of items on display. It was a pleasure to see familiar brands like Future: Standard and Made for Good, as well as learning about new brands like Leoluca Handbags and Raven + Lily. It was also cool to learn about the amazing back stories that a majority of their brands share. I really look forward to collaborate with Elle, and feature a few of my favorites in coming posts.

 Aside from fashion the evening also was filled with girly things like a Braid and Nail Bar, stiletto cupcakes, and a creative little DIY table.

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  1. So cool! Love all the behind the scenes looks...great coverage!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such thoughtful comments, hope you’ll be back to see my latest designs!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  2. Wow! Looks like yo had an amazing time and the Elle building sounds beautiful :)

    Lucy Loves To Blog


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