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1.30.2012 LA Happenings: It's a Blogger Flea Market at Space15Twenty

This past Sunday had to be one of the most chillest one's I had in a while. I got to spend time with family, friends, and got a chance to meet some new faces at the Bloggers Flea Market at Space15Twenty. On top of it all, I snatched up quite of few cute pieces at crazy low prices. Being a girl who loves shopping large indie shops over shopping malls any day, the outing certainly didn't disappoint. Bravo to Kelsi Smith and all my fellow 2.0 Bloggers for hosting the amazing afternoon!

How was your weekend???

Im in love with her blog!! Olivia from Lust for Life

One of my fave DIY Blogger's, Kristen Turner from Glitter 'N Glue

Another favorite blogger (I know, I have many...) Bebe Zeva from Fated to be Hated

Chanelle from Penelope Times  and Penelope Vintage

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  1. Aw bummer! I missed another one...Olivia is one hottie patottie...such great swag...hoping to catch the next event for sure! Thanks for the coverage...

    ...and Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you'll be back to visit sometime!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  2. Very cool that you all had something like that to attend. Last year, we had Blogger Brilliance here in Tampa but it was hosted by Nieman Marcus (still loads of fun) I def like thrift stores & flea markets for unique finds (great prices too). Will visit the other blogs you highlight as well. BTW, thanks for reaching out on IFB. Enjoy your day :-)

  3. Hi Tamara

    thanks for the warm welcome on IBF. I am following your blog ;)

    As I was looking at the pictures in the is post I was thinking how awesome it would be to travel the country hitting up every flea market in town. I love the amazing and unique things that can be discovered at flea markets!

    Here's my blog. Would love for you to follow as well :)

  4. Thank you for your sweet comment dear :') if we had been in that flea market, we would buy a lot of items, it looks so cool :'D following you *.* kisses!

  5. wow this looks amazing! I also love Lust for Life! :)

  6. This looks like it was so much fun! I'd love to shop with other bloggers!

    Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments. Happy weekend dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. OMG!!! All the pieces are to die for! Anyway, I awarded you two blog awards. lol. You can see it in my blog.

    Xo M

  8. Great pics! nice blog, new follower!


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