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11.19.2011 Threads, and more threads...

If you ever read my blog before, you probably already know how much I LOVE indie fashion. Instead of traveling to a local mall and spending money on things that i'll most likely see on someone else, I much rather shop the racks of local indie shopping events like Threadshow LA and Well Connected. Both offer a large array of indie and unique items covering everything from art, housewares, clothing, and accessories. In some cases (but not at all), the prices may be a slight bit more than your local chain retailers but at least you know what and who you're buying it from. Although I find many upsides with these types events, the biggest downside is they don't happen hardly as often I wish, that's why I was super pleased when I got to go to two back to back events a few weeks ago. Another big plus was that two of my amazing readers got to go too :-)
Let's just say once everything was said and done I ended the week with lots of pics to share and a few lovely additions to my closet!!

 These pieces are made with real lego' cool!


Well Conncected...

My camera was acting very strange for some reason but this ring was actually has a real beetle inside 
(weird, but kinda cool) 

What I bought???

What's you're favorite shopping spot in your area??


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  1. There was some really cool items at this event. I probably would have brought some of that lego jewelry. You got some great pics here and purchased some nice pieces as well:)

  2. I know the lego accesories were one of my favorite too. Thanks so much stopping by my blog again :) I love your your blog too!!

    Tamara B

  3. I would love if this was in Portugal!

    ~Tiago Aleixo
    @the3rt on twitter

  4. hey thanks for the comment on my blog. Since you didnt have a chance to get anything from the Versace for H&M event, you have an opportunity to win a ring for FREE on my blog. Check out my Facebook Page for more details

    good luck!
    xxJess James

  5. It looks so cool! I love how L.A. really reminds me of home, and is still really exotic at the same time. Well, to the French beach girl now living in London that I am. The beaded top is beautiful! You found some amazing pieces there!

  6. Great blog hun! Thanks for stopping by mine =)

  7. @Jess- I'll make sure to check blog again! I would love to win H&M Versace!

    @Elodie- LA's nice but I would switch everything around to live in France. Im so flattered you liked my blog :)

    @ShopStyleConquer- Great Blog too! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog

    @essenceofruwe- You're so welcome! Thanks for stopping by too :)

  8. Reall cool!

    Oh, Check out my new posts and give a comment - xx


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