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7.06.2011 My life at FNOLA...

(Photo taken by Maya Howard)

Who would have ever known that Facebook and Twitter could get you anywhere in life? Well for the past couple of months I have had the honor to utilize my social media and blogging skills for good. After having a blast attending last year's Fashion's Night Out in LA (FNOLA), I would have never thought I would have an honor of heading their social media, but I guess that's the fun of life. You never know where your talents will lead you too :). Just in case you don't know what a FNOLA is, i'ts a one night fashion event that takes on Sept. 8th. Basically retailers get together with celebs, designers, stylist, and taste makers to host amazing Shopping Party. Im so happy to have this honor, and even happier to be able to share this event with you!
If you want to see what's going for LA'S FNOLA, be sure to check out our site, and for to find the FNO nearest you visit their official site at:

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