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3.24.2011 2 much fun with 2 Point Oh!!

So while "attempting" (notice the emphasize on attempting lol) to catch you all up on my fashion week events...I delayed to share two of my most recent styling events with Two Point Oh LA.

Spring Trend Styling Competition:

If your one of my followers or personal friends you may have noticed all of those random tweets, text, emails, and facebook posts about voting for me for a Styling Competition...yea it wasn't spam I really was a part of a Styling Competition. Ten local LA bloggers, including myself, participated in a Styling Competition at The South Bay Galleria. Each blogger was matched up with a store inside the mall and asked to put together looks in a mini Spring Trends fashion show. Each blogger and store was given special codes for viewers to vote in their favorites. To make things easier, think of it as American Idol meets fashion. So that's when all of that random texting, blogging, tweeting, etc came from. Although I didn't win, the day was full of many funny stories that just made the experience more memorable than ever. So here are some of my favorite looks from that day...modeled by my special friends from Yali.

So for this last picture is my mini tribute to Jersey Shore...When I was first assigned to the store, I didn't know much about it so I asked the store owner to give me the best description as possible, and he said... "Just think Jersey Shore". At first I was thinking this was about to be a bit challenging, but then after exploring the store I found some pieces I can really work with. But before, I worked my styling magic... I had to just one JS look :)

Two Point Oh LA LookBook:

Along with theme of Spring Trends, Two Point Oh LA joined the amazing shoowrooms at the CalMart to create a lookbook of some popular Spring Trends. The best part of it all was that all of the looks were styled and modeled by Bloggers.

Kelsi Smith, our wonderful director and photographer, took some amazing shots. I had amazing time assisting my team, Preppy Stupid put together some colorful Spring Outfits. Check out some our finish product, as well as some behind the scenes pics...

With Love,

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